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Cat Lover

The German-language document you may find here!

Free English translation on 11 October 2021.

Knowledge about Cats


How could it happen that many people no longer know how they will be able to feed their children tomorrow, and at the same time, on the sunny side of life, highly bred animals take the place of humans by being allowed to use the available food for this way of life; how could such a thing happen??


Questionable Ground Rules follow, spread from the Internet:

Internet: In my opinion, cat lovers who are thinking about acquiring a cat should first be clear that they are committing to a creature.

There are some points that I consider important when dealing with a cat:

A cat will live up to 15 years - This is a long time and cats suffer a lot when you give them away. Therefore, you should only get a cat as a pet if you are sure that you can keep the cat for a long time

A cat trusts its owner very much. She immediately notices when something is wrong and immediately perceives "vibrations" of bad mood or anger. Therefore, one should convey to her that bad mood has nothing to do with her.

You should remember that you are the only "caregiver" for the animal. Therefore, you should give a lot of love. Cats have a good memory and never forget anything.

You should talk to your cat to show it that you notice it. One should never face a cat with force. A cat has its own head and therefore does not always implement what you tell it.

One should take care of the animal when it gets old. Then a cat needs more attention and care than before. One should always stand by his cat. When doctor's appointments are scheduled, an escort to the treatment is necessary, because cats are usually quite suspicious of strangers.

These basic rules seem to be self-evident for real cat lovers, but they are not always observed. Yet they make living with an animal much easier and strengthen the relationship.



Everybody, who really knows about living and dying and therefore about being human, should at least be able to recognize, that between a very questionable animal species and a human being a soul building can take place.

The question, however, is who or which being is, for example, the Creator of this questionable animal species of a "predatory" cat?

Who has wanted such an optically seductive "smart cuddly animal" or cuddly toy in this form and for which purposes?


Answer: to catch mice!?

October 19, 2019