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The Body Language

Free English translation on 11 October 2021.

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Many readers will be more interested in the text below than in anything else!

How could it happen that you trust an animal more than a human being and how could it happen that you can identify yourself more as a self-confident human being through the animal?


Very questionable information from the Internet:

Body language is the main means of communication by which the cat makes contact with us. Therefore, one should simply know certain signals in order to be able to assess moods and emotional states of the animal and respond to them.

When a cat feels comfortable, it points its ears forward and turns them slightly to the side. The whiskers are fanned out, and overall the animal makes a calm impression.

This does not mean that a cat owner can now pet it at will. If a cat wants closeness, it usually signals it by coming toward us with its tail raised.

If it curls up on our lap, it is just in need of love! Attention is recognized in cats when ears and whiskers are forward and the whole body is tense. She is defensive when ears are flipped to the side, pupils enlarge and teeth become slightly visible.

The body hairs bristle, growling, hissing or spitting sounds may occur. If the cat is planning an attack, it straightens up and stretches its legs, the mouth is clearly open and the pupils become small slits. With some experience it is easy to interpret the signals of a cat.

There are many different gestures and facial expressions that make the relationship between man and cat easier if you are aware of them.


If you and others had spent your time for the people in the poorest regions of the world and had analyzed and recognized the signals of the starving world, not so many people would be threatened in life and limb today!

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There are many different warning signals and possibilities that make the relationship between Creator and human easier, if you are aware of them!    19.10.2019