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Non-species Husbandry

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Germany, Luebeck, 25 January 2024

The German-language document you may find here!



Keeping an animal, especially a "pet", that is non-species husbandry.



Dear Mr D. Ehrengruber, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

You, Mr Ehrengruber, are asking for financial help for neglected animals in order to rescue them from great distress.  

My person, too, cannot accept that animals are thrown away or left to decay, as can happen with objects that people want to dispose of.

These animals or so-called pets, preferably dogs or cats, are generally no longer viable without human care and are nowadays dependent on and fixated on humans.     

However, this does not happen through nature, but exclusively through the handling and treatment of the animal by human hands, which actually means and will be a very sad way of life for the animal!

The pet itself knows no natural life, but only the unnatural life in the community with humans, whereby it becomes increasingly trusting and adaptable, which was also caused by human hands.    

And if you think about how many households in the world already have a pet and have to feed these animals, then you are surely looking at billions.

What's more, these pets would never exist in such large numbers in the world due to the dominant nature of humans, if humans had preferred to remain exclusively among humans and thus among their own kind, taking better care of their unique position in the world!

Now, as humanity, we have already produced many human needs in the animal and allowed them for the animal, thus taking it into the human realm in order to be able to live more diversely or more easily through the resulting deficits of the human soul.   

Thus, for many animal lovers, the pet has become an aid or a substitute partner instead of a loved one for the impoverished soul, and this is happening worldwide with an increasing tendency, so that pets have more rights in the world than people in Somalia, Yemen, Haiti, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Mali, Afghanistan and Nigeria. 

These large masses of people obviously have no right to food, unlike a pet, and will probably lose their lives in a huge hunger crisis, with these people also lying neglected on the roadside or in rubbish dumps.

According to the FAO, in May 2023, there were warnings of food insecurity in many countries, fuelled in particular by the war in Europe and now by the wars around the world, but the severity of malnutrition had already risen significantly in May last year, according to the report!

The general understanding of the distribution of food has become something extremely tragic and this tragedy includes the general benevolent understanding of the elevated place of an animal by subordinating the place of a destitute, mostly dark-skinned human being to the animal and especially to the pet!

Due to the enormous pet food industry, which is increasingly propagating gourmet food or food for animals and more and more zoo shops are being created due to the high demand or these shops are continuously expanding their range with all sorts of things that fulfil the purpose of the diseased human soul, at some point a shortage must inevitably arise at the other end of the chain, which tragically also affects particularly vital products and food!   

However, the animal has obviously not only secured a place for itself on earth, but it has also entered the Monumental human realm through human hands, which was made clear by the funeral or burial of a pet alone.

But not only that, even people with a thin nervous system, like my person, can, under certain conditions, for example during an eye operation, see what has happened in the afterlife through the mixing of humans and animals!   

An optical mixture of human and animal became clearly visible, whereby the human was still recognisably dominant!

And at this point, the fun stops with the love of animals or this worldwide animal love fuss and behaviour and with this animal-like good behaviour of a human being!   

Because now a concentrated load of these and "other shocking stories" will soon be coming back to humanity and so living placeholders are needed for the disturbed and mixed souls that have remained alive.

A pet would be suitable for this purpose, but even a pet has to die at some point and enters the aforementioned cycle, for example, although there will be completely different cycles!   

So the question arises as to why the endangered people of the above-mentioned countries could not take over this part by changing at least two cycles on a larger scale.    

On the one hand, the cycle of the many Africans already condemned to starvation will also change, for whom the over-dimensional cycle of Creation will probably soon be the last straw!

On the other hand, the over-dimensional cycle of white-skinned people in particular will change, in that the animal will have to forfeit the alien human place it has taken, to which it does not belong, and it will have to leave the household!   

Otherwise, the Monumental-Area would have to be compensated for by one of the Creators, as many white-skinned humans would be doomed to death!

However, any other form of cruelty to animals must be absolutely prohibited, as must any chemical treatment or chemical killing of any animal or species of animal.   

The killing of an animal is permitted by the natural possibilities of man in case of necessity, whereby the professional image of the forester and the butcher is also required*.

The reproduction of normally "useless animals" must also be brought under control for the reasons mentioned by a natural killing without the use of electric shocks or chemicals immediately after birth by a specialist!

The best thing would of course be for the over-dimensional sector to take over this and every other part in "these cycle stories", but it is always and fundamentally true that humans have the right to life in every respect and therefore the right to food and water and only then may the animal follow!


And not and in no case the other way round!!!

It is sad for all of us, but unfortunately true, that the cycle of life has to put up with this and that from us as humanity and so it must be expected that starvation on the current sunny side of life will be the order of the day! ! 

In the same way, my person would like to end this document and finally thank you for the enclosed small gift from you, but I cannot do otherwise and must use the little money available in the right place by also publishing this letter on one of my homepages!


      Yours sincerely 

      Ursula Sabisch, Empress 


HP: The animal good sex will certainly be controlled by the Monumental-Area, however, in that the Cudgel of my person will certainly take over this part in the end and will only perhaps or partially carry out the just described part of the termination of the general alien attitude or release of the beloved pets!